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Obox Benefits

Low Cost Construction

The Obox system is born with the challenge to make housing accessible (or social construction) to most of the population worldwide. The system allows it because from the beginning is a basic design parameter, to be low cost. The cost competitiveness is derived from the application of the concept of assembly line manufacturing, basic concept that, thanks to the repetition and specialization in each step of the manufacturing process, in order to reach a cost lowering very important in any production costs. The improvement at each step, multiplied by repeating this step many times, produce those savings in time and cost.

Lower execution time

Another great advantage of Obox, is the great speed of construction of modules and their finishing ready to be assembled in the work at construction site. This result is quite straightforward product of industrialization processes. These processes allow a time and cost control in its execution, trying to make each step in an optimal solution that benefits the entire system. The estimated minimum reduction in a classic and traditional versus industrial construction esteemed him in no less than 66%.

Lowering of financial requirements

A shortening of the life cycle of the building also reflects lower borrowing. The main reason stems from the product that can be delivered and sold long before.