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The Obox System


The Obox system is a complete construction system based on concrete modules, whose dimensions are 6x3meters on a floor, with a vaulted ceiling that reach 3,05 meters maximum height that gives a characteristic geometry and encompasses any aspect of the construction process for buildings that could be fitted modularly. The system integrates the following phases:

  • Design of the architecture itself, which defines the roles and functions of each module
  • Production of the modules
  • Its transformation to meet the specific objective of the proposed architecture project coming from the completion phase
  • Finally it is transported and assembled on the final location at the construction site

You can access now to our presentation of the Obox system.

The Obox Module

Obox module for construcion of prefabricated houses The Obox module, base of Obox System, is born subject to the condition to be so versatile that could support majority of designs ready to be transformed in any type of houses or construction where the repetition of spaces is important. The module belongs to the category of heavy prefabricated concrete, a material known throughout the world for its strength and stability, allowing very good performances against hurricanes and others critical conditions such as earthquakes and floods. The module also allows the system to be scalable and can grow by the joint of modules in any flat direction and also going up in altitude. Another main feature is that it allows for finishing any kind of customization and fitting on floors, walls, fences, etc., can be integrated into any architectural style in the world. You can access now to our presentation of the Obox module.


Like any life cycle in the building, a project starts with the design of it, but in this case it is a critical factor to incorporate the features of the module from the very beginning. Once the project is defined, next step is the construction. It is at this stage where there is a large contribution of innovation from Obox System, designed to carry out the entire process of building on a whole industrial production plant, using all the advantages that any industrial process entails. The industrial production concept is key factor to the benefits that arise and are induced in any kind of fabrications. What is the nature of innovation Obox System over other alternatives? The system takes a step up from the highly developed industry of building components, commonly known as precast. The main difference between the precast system and the Obox System is the concept of building and finishing in one industrial manufacturing process in a plant including any aspect (fences, carpentry, installations, flooring, paint, etc.) which makes the module almost habitable, at the factory. It will be fully terminated and finished when complemented by those other modules, also designed and manufactured so that together constitute a dwelling or building type intended. That is only true when they are assembled by cranes on the final location of the desired construction, and this is a process well known, more than enough.