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What We Do

Industrialized low cost housing

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Our mission is to respond to the global need (national and international) to produce low-budget living spaces to house and shelter the population, and that these spaces have minimum conditions of habitability that can be implemented to any level of comfort required , with maximum security and adaptable to all possible geographical and socioeconomic conditions.

Industrial production of modules

Obox Factory
The industrial manufacturing process Obox module, after completion and finishing is performed in an assembly line-like process of automobile factories. The finished modules are transported by road and placed by a mobile crane in its final position.

Factories require spaces are easy and economical implementation (including on-site) and the simplicity of the manufacturing process allows operating costs and maintenance costs.

This system allows easy implantation of manufacturing plants anywhere in the world.

Easy, fast and flexible

Transporte Obox
The system allows Obox undertake any housing project, whether collective or single-family homes, hotels, residences, hostels, offices, etc. and any other type of building, as the system offers great versatility to meet any need. The design and quality finishes and facilities to suit every project and location.

Our expertise allows us to offer the design, production and execution of all kinds of turnkey projects realized with the Obox system.