Obox prefabricated house 3 modules

This property, consisting of two bedrooms, a bathroom, living room and kitchen responds to a very common and usual demand of families of small size for permanent living or as a second home in beach areas, mountain or rural areas. The size of the house allows lower costs of habitability in regards to energy, local, regional and state taxes, and maintenance of the house itself due to its solid manufacture of concrete and also to its small size.

The house has a footprint on the floor of 54m2, and consists of three modules. Its expansion is planned based on the incorporation of other modules so that you can incorporate amenities like new bedrooms, a porch or expanding the living room, in a very simple way attaching new modules on the ground floor. More complex extensions can also be carried out by adding modules in height, because the modules are structural and OBOX allows reaching upto four heights.

Obox prefabricated house 5 modules

The trim level that this house allows are quite flexible. Speaking of flooring, you can set from the concrete itself, once polished and treated with chemicals used in the oil industry you get the concret pore sealed and completely waterproof, all kinds of ceramic, hardwood and laminated woods, any ornamental stone, etc.

The closings of the façades can be made from a dry or wet work as convenient and the aluminum exterior carpentry with PVC.

All construction complies scrupulously the Technical Building Code, ensuring structural stability, waterproofing, thermal and acoustic insulation and all derived CTE regulations.

The images show the basic solution of minimum housing or seed housing with a roof of five waters as usual at present and with the expansion of a bedroom plus a porch with a total of 36 m2 more of enlargement, the original being 54 m2 in a solution in this case with a simpler flat roof.