La Casa de las Ideas has been a pioneer process in Barcelona for innovation and with open participation. It was driven by Barcelona Council and address to all citizens, developed via the website from March 18th to June 2nd 2013.

The final bjective has been the selection of proposals that could give answer to the challege: “Which is your proposal to meet the challenges of housing in Barcelona?”. The process was completed with the election of 10 finalist projects, one of them bueing the project presented by Obox Housing. These 10 finalists were known last Friday 18th of October 2013 and they will receive municipal support in order to support and evaluate their implementation possibilities.

The whole process has had the collaboration of an Evaluation Committee formed by 10 experts led by Maite Fandos i Payà, Deputy Mayor for Quality of Life, Equality and Sports, and Carles Agustí i Hernàndez, Commisioner for Citizen Participation and Associations, ans was supported by a system based on participation and voting through the website. Some relevant figures are:

  • 93 initial proposals
  • 357 votes
  • 246 comments published in the website about the proposals
  • 781 people registered in the website
  • 3.783 unique visitors
  • 20.008 visited pages
  • 30 proposals semifinalists. Each of them has had to develop a paticular project for the final selection process.
  • 10 projects finalist

Attached is the diploma of the award received. We are very proud of it.