A vault is an arched structure that plays a role: to bridge a gap between two supports in order to form the ceiling or the roof of a building.

If there is something that brings charm, majesty and elegance to a wide space it is a vaulted ceiling; for example, when one is lucky enough to have an old house, it will be feasible that one of the rooms has kept the vault over the years.

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But usually you decide to develop a vaulted ceiling by mere artistic whim or various decorative motifs, such as light and diaphanous win, make the most certain dead zones wall or hide the electrification of the entire floor without resorting to classic white plasterboard.

The new materials that have emerged in the twentieth century manage to create steel and concrete vaults that serve as carriers, such as frames, glass panels.

But why not building a house of concrete with vaulted spaces brought from the initial design? You can incorporate these spatial concepts of vault in a cheap way through industrialized housing construction solutions.

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Other very important benefits derive from the architecture that should also deal with the internal equipment of the buildings and facilities. In recent decades they have invented complex systems of conditioning, electrical and sanitary installations, fire prevention, artificial lighting, circulation elements (such as corridors, escalators or hydraulic lifts).

In this context, the Obox modular solution integrates the dome solution as a means of escape from the modules that look as containers and provides a solution that solves in an easy, simple, flexible and very low cost way when resolving any type of installation (electricity, communications, water, sanitary, climate, etc.) through the recordable camera left between modules when stacked in height or in a single height.

Elements of the vault

The component parts of a vault are practically the same that make an arch but the vault can not forget of its front wall as it is the one that closes the vault itself in its open sides or fronts.

A vault is a piece of curved form, used to cover the space between two walls or a series of aligned pillars. It is a very appropriate structure to cover large architectural spaces with small pieces.

In old and modern vaults the prevailing solicitation in its entirety is compression. Its tensions resemble an arch, or a set of arches forming a surface.


When materials are arranged vertically and all the loads work by compression, the structure is quite stable, as in the case of the walls. The biggest problem appears to cover a space created between two walls.

The two basic solutions are the lintel system (consisting of columns, pillars and lintels or beams) and the vaulted system (based on pillars, walls, arches and vaults or its derivative, the domes).