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Industrialized Construction

Low Cost Industrial Manufacturing Plant

Key factor for the successful implementation of the system is precisely the conception of the Obox factory itself as a unit to be low cost, in the sense of being able to lessen the cost of investment to the fullest.
You can access now to our presentation of the manufacturing plant.
The factories need basically a land preparation, and service facilities throughout the system of machinery, among which is located Obox System itself, formwork, Obox porch, etc, more standard equipment such as gantry cranes, concrete mixing plant and other auxiliary machinery. The system is capable of being disassembled and moved when no longer is needed in the manufacturing plant to another new one. Needless to say that the closer the factory of the construction site, the lower the cost of transporting the finished modules.
Industrialized Construction
This factory is scalable applying the modular concept that guides the entire system and is able enough to adjust to flexible capacity planning. Production may increase or decrease just with the mere installation of larger number of booths shuttering more finishes mounting space and greater storage space and in some cases not all, with the expansion of the transport capacity of the gantry cranes of the factory internal.
Actually we have a fully operative factory for industrialized construction of Obox modules in Spain in Illescas, Toledo.
You can access now to the presentation of our factory.

Construccion Industrializada