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What kind of house do you want?

The Obox industrialized construction system lets you find the ideal home with absolute flexibility:

  • A house fully customized as per your personal requirements.
  • Possibility of one or more heights. Our 18 m2 reinforced concrete modules bind together according to your style to suit all your needs and desires.
  • Extremely simple foundation. No need to make a cement base.
  • The Obox dome increases the living space and the spatial quality of your home. It breaks up with the concept of the modular home based on “containers”.
  • Delivery period: 9 weeks from the granting of the building licence. We will deliver your home finished, with the kitchen fitted and basic appliances.
  • The concept of industrialized housing allows us to give you the best price.

Calcular Precio de Vivienda Obox

Interior Obox 1

Less than 50 m2

Totally livable small houses, ideal for campings, cabins, small plots, weekend getaways

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Vivienda unifamiliar pequeña Obox

House 50 m2: 43,000 €
Interior Obox 2

Upto 150 m2

Complete family homes. Ideal for residential areas, field or beach. Enjoy with your family and friends. Your best investment.

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Vivienda unifamiliar media Obox

House 90 m2: 68,000 €
Interior Obox 2

More than 150 m2

From spacious and comfortable houses to real mansions, in one or several heights. Also for communities, country hotels, … Enjoy with no limits.

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Vivienda unifamiliar grande Obox

House 180 m2: 133,000 €

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