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Price calculation

Important: This calculation is valid only for the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands. In other countries the amount can vary significantly depending on the different prices of labor, materials, transportation, etc.

Please enter the following parameters and you will get automatically a very close approximation of the final price to purchase your Obox home:

Personalize your Obox Project
If you have not been able to clearly define your home with the previous data, please contact and explain your needs to us directly. You can send an email to atencioncliente@oboxhousing.com or you can call us at +34 654 31 42 66.
Please note the following clarifications on the calculation of the price:
• The number of Porches and Garages correspond to an area of 18 m2 per unit


  • Finished Home
  • Laying of Foundations and Land Excavation, except Deep Foundations
  • Architecture Project and Construction Management
  • Dealing with the Council for Licence Processing/li>
  • Energy Certificate
  • End of Work / Habitability Certificate
  • Housing Transportation and Placement
  • Electric Heating and Hot Water

  • VAT
  • License Fees and City Council Taxes Payments
  • Geotechnical Study of the Terrain
  • Interior Urbanization of the Plot and Fencing
  • Piping until Service Supply Connections
  • Electric and Water Supply and Consumption for the Housing Placement and Assembly
  • Photovoltaic Solar Panels
  • Maritime Transport e.g. to Balearic Islands

You can now personalize your Obox project

Personalize your Obox Project