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Obox is building a house in the Sierra of Madrid of 54 m2 under the concept of minimum house

This property, consisting of two bedrooms, a bathroom, living room and kitchen responds to a very common and usual demand of families of small size for permanent living or as a second home in beach areas, mountain or rural areas. The size of the house allows lower costs of habitability in regards to energy, local, […]


Minimum Housing. Conceptualization

The definition of minimum housing is a complex problem with no easy solution. It is clear that the concept is broad and can lead to different interpretations. Determining the minimum living space has been a recurring issue in recent years in relation to the necessary transformation of social housing. The spatial requirements of what is […]


Obox to build a house in Madrid

OBOX to build a three story 215 sq.m. in the peripheral M-30 Highway of Madrid to be delivered in three months Obox Housing SL, www.oboxhousing.com, has been awarded the construction and delivery of a concrete prefabricated modular housing unit in three months in the Madrid suburb of Puerta de Hierro. Thanks to the quick industrialized […]


Architectonic Covers: The Obox Vault

A vault is an arched structure that plays a role: to bridge a gap between two supports in order to form the ceiling or the roof of a building. If there is something that brings charm, majesty and elegance to a wide space it is a vaulted ceiling; for example, when one is lucky enough […]


Social Housing in Suburban Areas Emerging Countries

The policy of mass housing construction in large promotions generally occurs in countries with moments of strong economic growth and high demand for social housing to meet the recurring shortages of high population growth and migration to cities and to combat the spread of substandard housing as a solution of residence. The existence of a […]